About MindTheBook.com

MindTheBook.com is a new web project, which has introduced a new concept into how people search and discover books. The team behind the project has asked the fundamental question - How do you find the right book to read?

The abundance of books in today's world makes it difficult to select the right book you need. The books' descriptions on the cover and summaries are typically written with or by the authors. Lots of negative and positive reviews and comments make it often more confusing to find what you look for. Friends recommendations on social networks do not mean that a book would satisfy your needs. Quite often it does not. Many of the books we see seem to be on a bestseller list, but does it mean that this is what you look for?

To find a better solution the MindTheBook.com project has looked at how people search for answers and resolve problems in the internet era. The conclusion was simple - people just ask questions. How to be happy? Does God exist? How to become a millionaire? And many, many more are asked every single day. Many of them never get a right answer on Questions and Answers sites. This simple finding has become the foundation of MindTheBook.com and the first step to improve the way people search and find the right book.

With MindThebook.com you ask a question and the users community suggests the best books with an answer for the question. The voting system assures the quality of the recommendations and eliminates books, which do not address the question well. In other words books meet with the questions.

Ask your question, find the right book.

MindTheBook.com team