1. What is MindTheBook.com?

MindTheBook.com is a social Questions & Answers website, but the Answers are only limited to books. So actually it's a Questions & Books social website. We connect books with questions they answer.

2. What is the point of MindTheBook.com?

There are plenty of Q & A sites out there, so you can pretty much find a short answer for most of the questions you ask. MindTheBook.com is different - we let you find books, which answer you questions best.

3. I can't find a book?

Our database of books and therefore the list of books you can search or add to a specific question is still being built. Feel free to use the "Suggest a book" form to let us know, which books you would like to see on MindTheBook.com, which are not yet listed.

4. My question has been deleted, what the heck?

We don't intend to delete any questions unless they are against our terms of use. We might slightly modify some questions wording, but we will do our best to keep the essence submitted by our users not changed. The key condition however is that they all must have the form of a question.

5. What is "Give me five"?

"Give me five" is an initiative to ask authors to tell us the top 5 questions they wanted their book to answer. We contact selected authors to participate in the initiative, but we also encourage other authors to use the contact form and submit their top 5 questions.

See our blog post with some more information.

6. I am an author, can I promote my book on MindTheBook.com?

Yes, we do offer some possibilities to promote books. First step would be to ensure the book is added to our database (we require ISBN number) or if not yet there, you can add it through "Suggest a book" form. We would validate it and if no issues the book will be visible on MindTheBook.com.

We also plan to offer some other options to promote a book, but the details are still being worked on. Feel free to use the contact form to ask any questions.